Rockhill Farm operates out of two locations on the outskirts of Bakersfield, near Arvin:

'Rockhill 2'
Our new, larger facility, "Rockhill 2", stands on 10 acres of land on David Road, generously being leased to our nonprofit organization by Turning Point of Central California, Inc., a statewide sober living environment. The "Rockhill 2" property includes 4.35 acres of farmland being used to grow organic crops, plus living space for up to several dozen men committed to Rockhill's rehabilitation program.

'Rockhill 1'
"Rockhill 1" is our original facility, sited on five acres of land on Adobe Road just a few miles from "Rockhill 2." Rockhill's program was begun here in 2009 by Fernando Jara and other founding members. The "Rockhill 1" property includes more than one acre of farmland being used to grow organic crops, plus living space utilized as "boot camp" for new arrivals into Rockhill's rehabilitation program.

Rockhill Farm carries out its vision of community transformation by training and empowering each member to master his own life in four important ways – vocationally, physically, educationally, and spiritually.

Conducted within a sober living environment (SLE), Rockhill Farm is a program for former felons, gang members, and drug addicts who are committed to re-entry into society as positive, productive citizens. Each man’s re-entry program is individually developed, addressing what background he brings to the Farm and how quickly and effectively he masters the program.

During their time with us, Rockhill Farm members undergo four types of training on a sustainable-living organic farm:

Vocational Training
Each man is required to learn the professional management of an agri-business: Soil preparation, planting, irrigation management, crop care, harvesting techniques, sales/marketing, and financial management. This training requires the men to work outdoors on the Farm during an irregular-hour work schedule. The goal of this training is to equip men as entry-level workers within the agri-business professions.

Basic Educational Training
Educational classes in preparation for the G.E.D. are conducted on-site. Selected members may be invited to continue in additional coursework for certification provided by the Rockhill Institute.

Spiritual / Ethical Training

A structured education, conducted by qualified faculty, is part of Rockhill Farm. This training focuses on moral living and an ethical lifestyle. The key components of this lifestyle are based on 10 principles:
  • Honesty;
  • Integrity;
  • Family responsibility;
  • Loyalty;
  • Service to one’s community and to the least fortunate;
  • Fortitude;
  • Humility;
  • Gratitude;
  • Self-criticism; and
  • Personal responsibility for one’s actions.
These principles are taught from the perspective of the Christian faith; however, a member’s identification with another faith-based community or denomination is a personal decision. Part of this education includes attendance at / participation in the local faith community affiliated with Rockhill Farm.

Other Counseling

Drug and/or alcohol addiction is a struggle that can last for years after a member has physically refrained from use. As such, all members of Rockhill Farm are required to undergo at least one (1) hour a week of drug/alcohol counseling under the guidance of a certified drug and alcohol abuse specialist on the premises of Rockhill Farm.

Anger management counseling is also provided once a week to the members of Rockhill Farm.

First Planting 2009, picking season, Farmers' Market
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Squash 2009
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