Prayer in Motion

Prayer in Motion, a small-group counseling program that addresses trauma and recovery for Rockhill Farm residents, takes place each week on site. It is led by the Rev. Cliff Ishigaki, who has served as an interfaith minister and spiritual counselor for more than 30 years. Rev. Ishigaki developed a service focus around trauma and recovery following his time as a Viet Nam combat officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and in private practice he works with individuals and couples as well as with small groups.

The goals of Prayer in Motion are to increase residents’ self-control, and to promote anger and conflict management through appropriate and non-violent techniques that include:

(1) Small-group discussion of trauma and recovery principles, with an emphasis on dialogue and conversation to promote not only self-awareness but self-development toward greater anger management and conflict management.

(2) Physical movement activities to promote greater balance, stability, centeredness, and awareness of what peacefulness and self-control feel like in the body -- which is an important component of mastering what peacefulness and self-control feel like in the emotions and the spirit.

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