Who We Are

Rockhill Farm is a nonprofit, faith-based re-entry program conducted within a Sober Living Environment (SLE). Its activities are discipline-oriented and offer a balance of work assignments, Bible study, ethical/spiritual training and education.

The mission of Rockhill Farm is to empower former felons, gang members, and drug addicts to become positive contributors to society through a re-entry program of vocational, educational, and spiritual training on a sustainable-living organic farm.

A volunteer Board of Directors comprised of business, education, social service, and philanthropic leaders oversees Rockhill’s operations and carries out its fundraising activities. Generous donors and volunteers are essential to making Rockhill Farm flourish and bringing new opportunities for excellence to its operations and outreach.

Rockhill Farm:
Courage. Self-Mastery. Empowerment.

Selling chili peppers at the Farmers' Market
Photo of long beans